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Browse all of the latest news and updates from Routledge Middle East Studies. We regularly publish helpful information and news within the area of Middle East Studies to celebrate our publishing program and the individuals that make it possible.

Recent News Articles

  1. Routledge Paperbacks Direct - Middle East and Islamic Studies Catalog Now Online!

    Our Routledge Paperbacks Direct - Middle East and Islamic Studies Catalog is now available to view online!

    Here you will find the most recent additions to the program, which provides the opportunity to buy topical books that represent the best of our cutting-edge hardback publishing in a paperback format and price - direct from Routledge. 

    View the entire catalog here.  

  2. Featured Author | Khalil Osman

    Routledge Author Khalil Osman tells us about his new book Sectarianism in Iraq : The Making of State and Nation Since 1920.

    Find out more about the book here.

  3. Featured Author: Leonidas Karakatsanis

    Routledge author Leonidas Karakatsanis talks to us about his book Turkish-Greek Relations | Rapprochement, Civil Society and the Politics of Friendship.

  4. A Century of Knowledge - Middle East Studies

    Over 15,000 newly digitized eBooks from Routledge including over 6,000 titles completely free to view for the month of June.

    Find out more here.

  5. SPOTLIGHT ON: Middle East Culture

    Routledge are pleased to showcase a selection of Middle East Culture titles and until the end of May 2014 we're offering 20% discount* on all Middle East Culture titles! Explore all our Middle East Culture titles here.

  6. ISA Sprout award notification: Environmental Politics in Egypt

    "Environmental Politics in Egypt: Experts, Activists, and the State", has been selected the runner up of the 2014 Harold & Margaret Sprout Award for the best book in international environmental politics. The prize is awarded annually (since 1972) at the International Studies Convention — held this year in Toronto in March.

  7. SPOTLIGHT ON: Middle East History

    Routledge are pleased to showcase a selection of Middle East History titles and until the end of April 2014 we're offering 20% discount* on all Middle East History!

  8. The Routledge Dictionary of Turkish Cinema

    SPOTLIGHT ON: Middle East Film & Media

    Routledge are pleased to showcase a selection of Middle East film and media titles and until the end of February 2014 we're offering 20% discount* on all Middle East film and media titles!

  9. Homa Katouzian

    “The limits to our knowledge are revealed by the extent of our ignorance” - Homa Katouzian

    In the light of prolific author Homa Katouzian recently being awarded a SINA award for his contribution to humanities, this month we want to celebrate our cutting-edge Iranian Studies series, edited by Dr Katouzian himself. Since 1967 the International Society for Iranian Studies (ISIS) has been a leading learned society for the advancement of new approaches in the study of Iranian society, history, culture, and literature. The ISIS Iranian Studies series provides a venue for the publication of original and innovative scholarly works in all areas of Iranian and Persianate Studies. To find out more, why not take a look at the series?

  10. Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

    Egypt’s experiment with democracy halted

    Just a few months ago Egypt’s political system was on the verge of becoming democratic. Now, following the Egyptian army's move to oust President Mohammed Morsi, Egypt is a divided nation.

    We’ve got a range of books that map Egypt’s history – political and otherwise. Simply browse the books below to find out more or email to discuss your area of research.

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