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Routledge publishes quality textbooks in a variety of disciplines and course subjects. We are committed to providing course materials to instructors and students that are both engaging and innovative. You can learn more about our textbooks by viewing our featured selections below in Middle East Studies. You can also browse textbooks in all subjects or check out our companion websites.

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  1. Middle East & Islamic Studies 2015 Textbooks and Supplementary Reading

    The new Middle East & Islamic Studies 2015 Textbooks and Supplementary Reading Catalog is now available.

    This catalog contains key textbooks and supplementary reading titles for your course, from new and established authors. From textbooks for undergraduate and postgraduate courses to supplements and additional reading, you will find course textbooks to teach from, alongside additional titles for your reading list and to recommend to your library.

    Take a look at the catalog here.

  2. 2014 Student Reference and Textbook Round Up

    Check out all of the Textbooks and Student Reference titles published in 2014 in Politics & International Relations, Military, Security & Strategic Studies and Asian & Middle Eastern Studies!

  3. Featured Title: Atlas of Islamic History

    The Atlas of Islamic History, by Peter Sluglett and Andrew Currie is due to publish in November. Providing an outline of Islamic history from the immediately pre-Islamic period until the early 1900s, this atlas uses the most up-to-date cartographic and innovative design techniques, to illuminate the history of Islam.

  4. Featured Textbook: Islam and Politics

    "This work incisively examines a subject of intense public and policy interest. Ranging widely across issues and regions, Islam and Politics provides an unerring guide to Islamism and the impact of globalization from above and protest from below. The analysis is always illuminating, the writing accessible and balanced." - James Piscatori, Professor of International Relations, Durham University, UK.

  5. View Inside Selected Chapters of “An Atlas of Middle Eastern Affairs”!

    "Highly recommended." -- W. J. Breitbach, California State University (CHOICE, June 2010)

    Routledge Middle East Studies are pleased to announce that we are opening selected chapters of An Atlas of Middle Eastern Affairs to view for free online until the end of May 2014! Simply click on the title below and click the ‘view inside’ button to read!

    The authors are delighted to introduce the second edition of the Atlas of Middle Eastern Affairs, which has been completely updated with many new maps. The volume addresses gaps in the literature with regard to the geography and geopolitics of the region. There is a detailed summary of the geography with an accent on key facets. This is allied to a synopsis of each state, in which all the facts relevant to politics are provided. The major political events of the past few years are then described within the overall geopolitical setting. The text is illustrated by almost 100 maps, the majority specifically produced for the volume.

  6. What’s New From Routledge Middle East Studies

    Click here is a list of our most recently published Middle East Studies textbooks.  Preview each book by clicking on the "View Inside the Book" button.  If you have additional questions or need help looking for a textbook for your course, please email Paul Reyes at

  7. Anoush

    How much impact are the latest ‘intelligent’ sanctions having on Iran?

    Professor Anoush Ehteshami, author of Dynamics of Change in the Persian Gulf, talks about the Iranian Crisis at The British-Iranian Chamber of Commerce, March 8, 2013.

    Visit the British-Iranian Chamber of Commerce website to read his thoughts about 'Sanctions, Presidents and the Iranian Crisis'.

    To order a complimentary inspection copy of Professor Ehteshami's book - Dynamics of Change in the Persian Gulf - simply email

  8. Round up of 2012’s Middle East Studies Textbooks

    Happy new year! Welcome to the definitive list of 2012's Middle East Studies textbooks. Order your complimentary exam copies today!

  9. Featured Title: Islamic Civilization in South Asia

    Islamic Civilization in South Asia provides both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as the general reader, with a comprehensive account of the history of Islam in India, encompassing political, socio-economic, cultural and intellectual aspects.

  10. Modern Turkey

    Featured Title - Modern Turkey: People, State and Foreign Policy in a Globalised World

    This book provides a broad and comprehensive overview of contemporary Turkey. Placing the country and its people within the context of a rapidly globalizing world, the book covers a diverse range of themes such as politics, economics, international relations, the Turkic world, religion and recent historical background.

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