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Routledge has an illustrious history in research and reference publishing. You can explore this area of the site to learn more about our featured research, reference, monographs, handbooks and major works in Music. In addition, you can visit one of following areas for broad representation of our reference publishing program:

Recent Research & Reference Articles

  1. March’s Series of the Month, Routledge Studies in Ethnomusicology, now 20% off!

    Routledge Studies in Ethnomusicology is dedicated to expanding the field of ethnomusicology with innovative studies and edited collections. Publishing new, cutting-edge research into our global music heritage, the series will concentrate on area studies from all corners of the world.

    This month, all of the Routledge Studies in Ethnomusicology Series is 20% off! Just use Discount Code XRK51 at checkout.

  2. New in Pop Music: Popular Music in a Digital Music Economy

    In Popular Music in a Digital Music Economy: Problems and Practices for an Emerging Service Industry, Tim Anderson explores how the music industry is changing from selling records as its primary purpose to a new paradigm in which artists must be entrepreneurial, audiences are end users, and record companies are investing in music brands, not simply records. Anderson’s book is a great guide for this new world. In his book, he draws on a wide range of examples from Moby and Lupe Fiasco to Amanda Palmer and Jonathan Coulton. 

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  3. Exciting new addition to Routledge Studies in Popular Music

    Routledge Studies in Popular Music is our home for cutting-edge, upper-level scholarly studies and edited collections covering Popular Music. Considering music performance, theory, and culture alongside topics such as gender, race, celebrity, fandom, tourism, fashion, and technology, titles are characterized by dynamic interventions into established subjects and innovative studies on emerging topics. 

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  4. Routledge Music Research Catalog

    The latest edtion of the online 2013/2014 Routledge Reseach Music Catalog is now available. Updated regularly, this is the best resource for finding the most recent Routledge Research Music titles. Browse books from several acclaimed series focusing on music education, ethnomusicology, and popular music, to name a few. Any of these titles can also be recommended to your librarian

  5. Made in Italy

    2013 Routledge Research Highlights

    Update your library’s collection with the latest from Routledge Research in Music. You can easily recommend purchasing any of our Routledge Research titles to your librarian by clicking ‘Recommend to your librarian’ on the individual book product page.

  6. What is Social Protest Music?

    From 19th-century African American protest music to the songs of the present day, the 28 essays that make up The Routledge History of Social Protest in Popular Music analyze the trends, musical formats, and rhetorical devices used in popular music to illuminate the human condition. By comparing and contrasting musical offerings in a number of countries and in different contexts from the 19th century until today, The Routledge History of Social Protest in Popular Music aims to be a probing introduction to the history of social protest music, ideal for popular music studies and history and sociology of music courses.

    Quickly and easily recommend The Routledge History of Social Protest in Popular Music to your librarian today!

  7. Just published!

    William Alwyn: A Research and Information Guide is a catalog, discography and annotated bibliography of the nearly 500 works of this twentieth-century British composer. It will be invaluable to twentieth-century British composer researchers and aficionados, music history courses, and film music courses. Recommend this title to your librarian today.

  8. musical_instruments

    Book of the Month for March: International Who’s Who in Classical/Popular Music Set

    Here's something for all those music enthusiasts out there. March saw the publication of Europa's extensive and fully revised Classical and Popular Music Who's Who set. This major two-volume publication provides full listings of all the movers and shakers in today's musical landscape and is an excellent resource for researching anyone from musicians to composers and everything in between. Published on the 24th of March, this latest Who's Who title is available to pre-order today or you can recommend it to your Librarian.

  9. Who's Who Classical Music 2010 - Online Music Source Positive about Latest Who’s Who in Classical Music

    This premier online classical music source describes the International Who's Who in Classical Music 2010 as 'a useful, comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date reference source for a wide variety of people'.

  10. New for 2010: Encyclopedia of American Gospel Music

    'The treatment is straightforward ... McNeil's title will likely become the definitive work on the subject and fills a gap in a field that has had only sporadic reference documentation... Recommended for all libraries.'Library Journal

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