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Each series will provide a forum to address areas of concern in contemporary Political Science, featuring unique research and encompassing a wide range of issues. Each volume is intended to educate, inform and enable debate amongst readers, whilst also making a significant contribution to the field.

We would welcome book proposals for any of the new series listed below. You can read more about each series and how to submit a proposal by clicking the title.

You can also contact the Political Science Acquisitions Editor, Natalja Mortensen, for more information.

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  1. Cities, Networks, and Global Environmental Governance

    Spaces of Innovation, Places of Leadership

    By Sofie Bouteligier

    Series: Cities and Global Governance

    As a result of global dynamics—the increasing interconnection of people and places—innovations in global environmental governance haved altered the role of cities in shaping the future of the planet. This book is a timely study of the importance of these social transformations in our...

    Published November 13th 2012 by Routledge

  2. The Dual System of Privacy Rights in the United States

    By Mary McThomas

    Series: Law, Courts and Politics

    Theoretically, the right to privacy is an individual’s right to space away from the public gaze to make life choices that are best for her or him, regardless of the beliefs of the majority. Yet the right to privacy in the United States has proven problematic for both political theorists and...

    Published December 12th 2012 by Routledge