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Routledge publishes quality textbooks in a variety of disciplines and course subjects. We are committed to providing course materials to instructors and students that are both engaging and innovative. You can learn more about our textbooks by viewing our featured selections below in Politics & International Relations. You can also browse textbooks in all subjects or check out our companion websites.

Recent Textbooks Articles

  1. Citizen's Guide Constitution

    A Citizen’s Guide to the Constitution and the Supreme Court in Law and Politics Book Review

    A Citizen's Guide to the Constitution and the Supreme Court by Morgan Marietta, was reviewed in Law and Politics Book Review by Stephen A. Simon.

    Here is an excerpt: "One of the book’s significant strengths is that it is user-friendly."

    Click on the headline to read an excerpt of the review.  A link to the full review is also available.

  2. PARM

    Note from the Authors of Public Administration Research Methods

    We are pleased to announce the release of our new textbook Public Administration Research Methods: Tools for Evidence-based Practice and Evaluation. Public service is at a precarious time. Government employees are subject of great criticism related to a general skepticism toward the use agencies as tools to achieve social goals. But at the same time, there is also considerable optimism about the use of analytic techniques to tackle complicated problems and improve public management. As a result, it is an important time to invest in effective training in research methods.

    Click on the headline to read the rest of the letter.

  3. Perspectives

    Note from Cal Jillson and Dave Robertson - co-editors of Perspectives on American Government, 2nd Ed

    We are thrilled to announce the publication of a new edition of Perspectives on American Government (Routledge 2014). We are pleased by the broad support that the first edition of Perspectives received and grateful to all of those who worked with us to improve this new edition. Perspectives provides supplementary readings for any American Government text, but it works especially well with Cal Jillson’s text, American Government: Political Development and Institutional Change (8th edition available for Spring 2015). Click on the links below to request an exam copy of either book or both books.

    Click on the headline to read the rest of the letter.

  4. Politics UK

    Routledge Politics Pearson Acquisition

    Routledge Politics has expanded our list through an acquisition! Quality offerings from Pearson are now available from Routledge.

  5. Rick Perloff The Dynamics of Political Communication

    Featured Author - Richard Perloff

    An interview with author Richard M. Perloff, celebrating the launch of his latest book The Dynamics of Political Communication.

    We caught up with Richard to discuss his growing repertoire of books and to find out a few dynamic facts about him…

  6. The Conduct of Inquiry in International Relations

    Patrick Thaddeus Jackson wins the 2013 International Studies Association Theory Section Book Award

    Congratulations to Patrick Thaddeus Jackson, who has been awarded his second award - The 2013 International Studies Association Theory Section Book Award for The Conduct of Inquiry in International Relations!

  7. Routledge Handbook of Japanese Culture and Society

    ‘Abeconomics’ the reason for landslide victory in Japan’s elections?

    Shinzo Abe has a landslide victory in Japan’s elections, marking him out as one of the strongest political mandates for a Japanese leader in years. ‘Abeconomics’ (a word that has been used to describe Mr Abe’s economic policies) is without a doubt a strong factor in his victory, as Abe plans to try and pull Japan’s economy out of its long-term decline.

  8. Politics Textbook Catalog

    Looking for the ideal Politics textbook for your teaching?

  9. conducting terrorism field research

    New Titles from Routledge Military, Strategic and Security Studies

    View our recent and upcoming textbooks, handbooks and supplementary titles published in the area of Military, Strategic and Security Studies below, including the Routledge Handbook of Terrorism Research, which is now available in paperback. Follow the links to read more, and request a complimentary exam copy where available.

  10. American Government 7e

    Need a Supplemental Text to Use With American Government?

    American Government has been bundled with several texts to suit your individual course needs.  Click for more information.

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