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Routledge Revivals reissue the popular art book – ‘The Birth of Western Painting’

First published in 1930, this book deals with Byzantine art. The book considers not just the movement itself, but the significant impact it had on the subsequent history of European painting. Until now, this popular book has been out of reach and difficult to obtain.

The Revival provides the user with a detailed summary of the relationship between Byzantine art and modern art, as well as taking a detailed look at the iconoclast controversy. The book also considers how the Byzantine movement initiated the end of Hellenistic naturalism and prompted interpretational art to take its place across Europe.

In the remainder of the book, the Constantinopolitan Renascence is covered. A section of the book looks at how this event, combined with the increasing humanization of religious emotion, culminated in some key figures emerging – including Duccio and Giotto, as well as the equally important contemporaries, Mistra and Mount Athos. Throughout the third chapter of the book, there is a detailed look at the work of these influential artists. The book is concluded by finally resolving the mystery of El Greco.

An important piece of work for History of Arts and Classical Studies students and scholars, this book provides rare and extensive research on this critical period in art history across Europe, in Constantinople, Greece, Crete, Italy, and Spain.

With 94 black and white plates, the book provides the user with high quality images alongside critical evaluation and enlightening discussion on Byzantine art as a movement that has impacted artists throughout the ages.

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