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The Hungry Dragon: three new Europa titles explore China’s rapid economic and political rise

Politically isolated until the end of the Cold War, China is now a key global player with an economic strength second only to that of the United States.

This recent rise to dominance is reflected in the Europa Handbooks and Monographs schedule which, in 2013, will publish three titles relating to the region: China and the Middle East: from Silk Road to Arab Spring, Hungry Dragon: How China’s Resource Quest is Reshaping the World and Handbook of China’s Governance and Domestic Politics. Cathy Hartley, Senior Editor for Europa, explains a little more about each title and her decision to focus commissioning on this rapidly changing country...

‘China is becoming increasingly important as a major world power. Its actions in politics, international relations, trade and investment make it a fascinating research topic. Each of the volumes to be published focuses on a different area but all make for an interesting and informative read, and offer much food for thought.’

Each title addresses a very different aspect of the country’s international and domestic affairs whilst also providing context to, and complimenting, the others. In light of the recent blocking by China of UN sanctions against Syria China and the Middle East by Muhamad Olimat seems particularly pertinent. To answer key questions, such as why most Middle Easterners prefer China’s engagement to that of the West, Olimat focuses on the historical context to the region’s relationships with the Middle East. For example, China’s support for the Algerian Revolution of the late 1950s is analyzed in reference to current relationships in key areas such as energy, trade, arms sales, culture and politics.

Addressing more fully a theme briefly touched on in the Olimat title Sigfrido Burgos Cáceres and Sophal Ear’s The Hungry Dragon offers a comprehensive examination of the country’s energy security strategy in the wake of its rapid growth. Recent reports have placed the average Chinese person's carbon footprint almost on a par with that of a European's meaning that the need for energy and natural resources now vastly exceeds internal supplies. The structure and aims of the book are described by Cathy, ‘The Hungry Dragon examines the search for oil and other resources to feed China’s energy and manufacturing needs through case studies in Africa, South America and South-East Asia.’

Finally, Chris Ogden’s edited collection Handbook of China’s Governance and Domestic Politics offers some much needed context to understanding China’s continued rise within the international system. Cathy describes its strengths, ‘China’s Governance encompasses issues including the state, politics, nationalism, human rights, social unrest and the media and gives an overview of the challenges facing this rapidly expanding economy’. By looking closely at how China is governed, how it’s domestic political system functions and the critical issues that it currently faces the Handbook aims to help readers fully comprehend the country’s ongoing contemporary global significance.

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