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The Politics of Climate Change: A Survey - Highly Recommended by Reference Reviews

Politics of Climate Change, Jacket

'I strongly recommend this to anyone involved in or interested in the politics of climate change. If the series continues at this standard it will be a valuable addition to libraries'

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'This is the second in a Politics of... series under the Europa label of Routledge. The book contains nine essays addressing various aspects of climate change, an 80-page glossary and a series of tables of demographic and climate data, plus a table showing which countries are signatories to climate treaties. What makes this book unique is that it was written in anticipation of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference at which so little was achieved. The fact that Copenhagen was not the success many had wanted does not distract from the value of the information in this book. Tim O'Riordan, who a decade ago wrote a book with a similar title, points out in the foreward that the topic of climate change has since become more urgent, more widely discussed and that the science has moved on.

The science has surely moved on, but it has also become more complex, and that is the problem for politics. The effect of actual and predicted climate change varies across the globe. The economic power and the industrial heritage of some countries bias the argument, as does the rapid development of certain countries. What this book does is to lay out these problems and the way solutions have, or have not been, negotiated or agreed. There is an interesting chapter on the markets for climate change knowledge, where scientists, politicians and the media are discussed. This chapter would be of interest to anyone concerned with media studies or the philosophy of science.'

Summing Up: 'I have learned a lot from reading this book and strongly recommend this to anyone involved in or interested in the politics of climate change.' - John Goodier, Consultant, Goldhawk Information, London, UK

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