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Europa publications have long been regarded as premier reference resources, providing authoritative political and economic data for every country and region of the world, biographical profiles of the most influential global figures in every field, including politics, science, business, academia, the arts and the media, and unrivalled access to information on universities, libraries and other academic institutions world-wide.

Available in print and online, Europa's principal titles, The Europa World Year Book,The Europa Regional Surveys of the World, The International Who's Who and The Europa World of Learning, serve the contemporary research needs of students, academics and information-seekers in specialist and general reference libraries, government offices and commercial institutions in every country.

Recent Europa Articles

  1. The Power of Currencies and Currencies of Power

    The Power of Currencies and Currencies of Power – Free access to select chapters

    The dollar’s status as the leading global currency gives the US immense political as well as financial clout, but that power risks being eroded – with unpredictable strategic consequences – as the Chinese renminbi and possibly other currencies assume greater prominence.

    'A readable guide to the economic debate' - Financial Times

    Free limited access to select chapters - access ends 31 March 2014.

  2. Surveying the World: The Europa Regional Surveys of the World

    With the new edition of each of the nine Regional Surveys of the World now available, we asked one of our Europa editors to talk us through the process of keeping the Regional Surveys up-to-date.

  3. The Europa World of Learning 2014

    Now available – the 64th edition of the Europa World of Learning

    The 2014 edition of The Europa World of Learning was published in print and online in September 2013. First published in 1947, the Europa World of Learning is now in its 64th edition. The Europa World of Learning is unique in the breadth of its coverage. Most higher education resources are limited to universities and colleges, usually within particular countries or areas.

  4. The Hungry Dragon: three new Europa titles explore China’s rapid economic and political rise

    Politically isolated until the end of the Cold War, China is now a key global player with an economic strength second only to that of the United States.

    This recent rise to dominance is reflected in the Europa Handbooks and Monographs schedule which, in 2013, will publish three titles relating to the region: China and the Middle East: from Silk Road to Arab Spring, Hungry Dragon: How China’s Resource Quest is Reshaping the World and Handbook of China’s Governance and Domestic Politics. Cathy Hartley, Senior Editor for Europa, explains a little more about each title and her decision to focus commissioning on this rapidly changing country...

  5. Just Released: Strategic Survey 2012

    The major upheavals and economic uncertainty of 2012 has ensured that the launch of the International Institute of Strategic Studies annual title Strategic Survey has been eagerly awaited. Held at the IISS headquarters in London, the event included an expert discussion panel answering questions on key current topics, such as the eurozone crisis and Iran's nuclear program. You can watch the entire launch online here.

    Interested in learning more about the Strategic Survey 2012 and the IISS? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to let you know a little more about the history, aims and activities of the Institute and fill you in on this year’s updates.

  6. Europa: Past, Present and Future

    What do you have to achieve to make it into an International Who’s Who? How is Europa making use of online publishing? We talk to Editorial Director, Paul Kelly, who answers our questions on Europa's editorial processes, prestigious history and plans for 2014.

  7. Taylor & Francis Group attend The 20th World Book Fair in India

    Taylor & Francis Group participated in The Biennial 20th World Book Fair held at the heart of India – New Delhi, from 25 February – 4 March 2012.

  8. Europa World

    Europa Essay: Drugs, Violence and Insecurity in Mexico

    The growing assault by the drug cartels and their thugs on the Mexican government over the past several years reminds one that an unstable Mexico could represent a homeland security problem of immense proportions to the United States.

  9. World Learning screenshot

    Big changes to tell you about on Europa World of Learning Online

    Europa World of Learning Online is your digital source of accurate information on all types of academic institutions, from universities to museums and research institutes. The start of this year saw an impressive number of updates and improvements to the site. Read on for the full low down and to learn more about the resource.

  10. International Who's Who of Women 2012

    Europa Celebrate International Women’s Day!

    Today- the 8th of March- is International Women’s Day, a chance to recognize the economic, political and social achievements of women. To celebrate, the reference team will be profiling inspirational women who have earned their place in the International Who’s Who of Women, a single volume that brings together nearly 7000 of the most prominent and successful women worldwide. The International Who’s Who of Women provides comprehensive biographical details for women across a vast range of fields including politics, finance, business, academia, science, literature, the media, fashion, the arts and sports. You can find out more here.

    This blog starts things off by featuring profiles of successful women from the fields of science and medicine, politics, and the arts. Throughout the day we’ll also be updating our twitter feed @TandFRef with details of an inspirational woman from each sector. Why not let us know which woman has influenced you?

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