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  1. NEW: Determing the Economic Value of Water

    Concepts and Methods, 2nd Edition
    By Robert A. Young and John B. Loomis 

    This volume provides the most comprehensive exposition to-date of the application of economic valuation methods to proposed water resources investments and policies. It provides a conceptual framework for valuation of both commodity and public good uses of water, addressing non-market valuation techniques appropriate to measuring public benefits - including water quality improvement, recreation, and fish habitat enhancement. Read more...

  2. NEW: Variable Renewable Energy and the Electricity Grid

    The integration of renewable energy resources into the electricity grid presents an important challenge. This book provides a review and analysis of the technical and policy options available for managing variable energy resources such as wind and solar power. As well as being of value to government and industry policy-makers and planners, the volume also provides a single source for scientists and engineers of the technical knowledge gained during the 4-year RenewElec (renewable electricity) project at Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Vermont, Vermont Law School, and the Van Ness Feldman environmental law firm. Read more...

  3. 2014 RFF Press Catalog

    The 2014 RFF Press Catalog is now available online! RFF Press publishes pioneering research in environmental economics and natural resource policy. To see our newest titles alongside our classic backlist, please click here.

  4. NEW: The Measurement of Environmental and Resource Values, 3rd Edition

    The first edition of this important work was the winner of the 2002 Publication of Enduring Quality award by the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. The continuing premise for the book is that estimates of the economic values of environmental and natural resource services are essential for effective policy-making. As previous editions, the third edition, which includes two additional co-authors, presents a comprehensive treatment of the theory and methods involved in estimating environmental benefits. Read more...

  5. NEW: Constitutions and the Commons by Blake Hudson

    This book considers the critical but little examined issue of the degree to which the federal constitution of a nation contributes toward or limits the ability of the national government to manage its natural resources (or commons), including adherence to the conditions of international environmental treaties. The book takes the reader along a continuum of constitutionally established natural resource management, from local governance of resources to global governance. It is shown that national governments in federal systems are at the center of a constitutional 'multicommons,' with lower levels of government potentially acting as rational herders on the upper commons. Read more... 

  6. NEW: Biodiversity Conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region is exceptionally biodiverse. This rigorously researched book describes the status of biodiversity in LAC, the main threats to this biodiversity, and the drivers of these threats. It identifies the main policies being used to conserve biodiversity and assesses their effectiveness and potential for further implementation. Read more...

  7. How to Submit a Book Proposal to RFF Press

    We are very pleased that you are interested in publishing with Routledge and RFF Press. If you are working on a proposal in the areas of Environmental Economics or Natural Resource Management, we would like to hear from you.  Please continue reading for information on how to prepare and submit a book proposal.

  8. New RFF Press Titles in 2014

    Routledge and RFF Press are pleased to publish a number of new titles in 2014. Please read on for more information on these exciting new books, on topics ranging from natural resource management to the economics of water.

  9. RFF Press 2013 Catalog Now Available!

    The RFF Press Online Catalog is now available!  Please browse our catalog to see our newest titles as well as our classic backlist – we hope you find some new titles of interest.

  10. Environmental Regulation and Public Disclosure: The Case of PROPER in Indonesia

    This book is a remarkable case study of an environmental policy initiative for a national environmental regulatory system in the information age. The authors provide a multidisciplinary analysis of how the PROPER program harnessed the power of public disclosure to abate the problem of industrial pollution. The combination of institutional history and detailed economic and analyses sheds light on the role of policy entrepreneurs who laid the foundation for disclosure and transparency, despite the constraints of the Suharto regime. The PROPER program is now internationally recognized and continues to serve as a model for many developing countries. Read more...

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