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Brain, Behaviour and Cognition Series

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  1. Developmental Disorders of the Frontostriatal System

    Neuropsychological, Neuropsychiatric and Evolutionary Perspectives

    Edited by John L. Bradshaw

    Series: Brain, Behaviour and Cognition

    In this book, the author discusses a range of common neurodevelopmental disorders affecting young people - autism, depression, schizophrenia, ADHD, Tourette's Syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder - from the unique perspective of their proposed common origin in the function and dysfunction of...

    Published October 3rd 2001 by Psychology Press

  2. Clinical and Neuropsychological Aspects of Closed Head Injury

    By Dr J Richardson

    Series: Brain, Behaviour and Cognition

    In all industrialised countries, closed head injuries are responsible for vast numbers of hospital admissions and days of work lost. For instance, about 120,000 patients are admitted to hospital in the United Kingdom each year with a diagnosis that reflects closed head injury. Such injuries are a...

    Published October 3rd 2001 by Psychology Press

  3. Communication Disorders Following Traumatic Brain Injury

    Edited by Skye McDonald, Chris Code, Leanne Togher

    Series: Brain, Behaviour and Cognition

    There are very few books available which are concerned with the unique communication problems that can come with traumatic brain injury (TBI). In recent years there has emerged a realisation that these difficulties in communication are closely tied to the cognitive, behavioural and social problems...

    Published August 16th 2000 by Psychology Press

  4. Transcortical Aphasias

    By Marcelo L. Berthier

    Series: Brain, Behaviour and Cognition

    Transcortical aphasias is the term used for syndromes in which the ability to repeat language is relatively preserved despite marked disturbances in other linguistic domains. Although there are a number of well-known reference texts on language disturbances after acquired brain damage that uncover...

    Published August 9th 2000 by Psychology Press

  5. Spatial Neglect

    A Clinical Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment

    By Peter W Halligan, Ian Robertson

    Series: Brain, Behaviour and Cognition

    Spatial neglect is a profound clinical problem as well as intriguing scientific problem. In the last ten years, there has been an explosion of interest in this disorder, which as a result is no longer viewed as a single entity, but rather as a number of different disorders. This book is an attempt...

    Published July 5th 2000 by Psychology Press

  6. Apraxia

    The Neuropsychology of Action

    Edited by Leslie J. Gonzalez Rothi, Kenneth M. Heilman

    Series: Brain, Behaviour and Cognition

    The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a perspective on apraxia that considers a link between the pathology of apraxia and normal motor skill. In addition, it is the intention of the authors to provide information that is theoretically interesting as well as clinically applicable....

    Published May 15th 1997 by Psychology Press

  7. Developmental Cognitive Neuropsychology

    By Christine Temple

    Series: Brain, Behaviour and Cognition

    How independent are different cognitive skills during development? Is the modularity seen in the studies of adult neuropsychology disorders mirrored by modularity in development? Are developmental neuropsychological disorders explicable against cognitive models? What restrictions are there to...

    Published May 13th 1997 by Psychology Press

  8. Clinical Neuropsychology of Alcoholism

    By Robert G Kinght, Barry E. Longmore

    Series: Brain, Behaviour and Cognition

    Alcohol abuse is a major health problem in most parts of the world. This book focuses on the way in which alcohol affects the brain, with the aim of describing advances in the neuropsychology of alcoholism in a way that makes this work accessible to clinicians from a variety of backgrounds who...

    Published April 1st 1996 by Psychology Press

  9. Classic Cases in Neuropsychology

    Edited by Chris Code, Yves Joanette, André Roch Lecours, Claus-W Wallesch

    Series: Brain, Behaviour and Cognition

    The importance of detailed examination and theoretical interpretation of the single case has been increasingly recognized in neuropsychology. This book brings together in one volume discussion of the classic cases which have shaped the way we think about the relationships between brain, behaviour...

    Published February 4th 1996 by Psychology Press

  10. The Neuropsychology Of Schizophrenia

    Edited by JOHN P CUTTING, Anthony David

    Series: Brain, Behaviour and Cognition

    Schizophrenia is being increasingly viewed as a neurological disorder. The Neuropsychology of Schizophrenia addresses the key questions in modern schizophrenia research. How do abnormalities of the brain produce the characteristic signs and symptoms of this most severe and mysterious mental malady?...

    Published January 30th 1995 by Psychology Press