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Articles in the Research & Reference category

Routledge has an illustrious history in research and reference publishing. You can explore this area of the site to learn more about our featured research, reference, monographs, handbooks and major works in Sociology. In addition, you can visit one of following areas for broad representation of our reference publishing program:

Recent Research & Reference Articles

  1. Celebrate International Women’s Day with Routledge Books

    To celebrate International Women's Day we are pleased to offer you 15% off all books featured in this catalog.

    International Women's Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. In some places like China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, International Women's Day is a national vacation. We have selected a range of women's studies titles that we are sure you will enjoy.

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  2. Top Five Bestselling Feminism Titles

    To celebrate International Women's Day we have put together our top five feminism titles.

    We are offering 15% off a selection of women's studies books. To view the catalog click here.

    We are also running a Pinterest competition to win £100 worth of books. Click here to find out more

  3. Enter our International Women’s Day Pinterest competition

    Enter our International Women’s Day Pinterest competition to win Routledge books. Just tell us what inspires you!

    Click here to go to our Pinterest page or for more information visit Business, Economics, and Sociology on Taylor & Francis Online

    The deadline for entries is midday on Saturday 31st March.

  4. Theoretical Logic in Sociology

    We are proud to introduce Theoretical Logic in Sociology, a four volume Major Work collection, originally published in the 1980s and out of print for some years, represents a major attempt to redirect the course of contemporary sociological thought. Jeffrey Alexander analyses the most general and fundamental elements of sociological thinking about action and order and their ramifications for empirical study.

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  5. NEW Sociology Research and Reference Online Catalog

    Our Sociology Research and Reference online catalog has just gone live.

    The catalog features our new titles, as well as our bestselling backlist collections of relevant and popular works. You will find whatever you need to further your own research or professional interests, challenge and support your students, or to provide essential reference materials for your institutional library.

    Just click on the link to browse the catalog

  6. New Handbooks in Sociology and Social Policy

    With hundreds of handbooks to choose from in our Sociology list you will be hard pressed not to find something suitable for your area of study.We are proud to announce there are 5 new handbooks publishing this year. This collection continues to provide a wealth of important reference sources in one place, from a wide range of experts in the field

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  7. Routledge Major Works - Critical Concepts in Sociology

    The Routledge Critical Concepts in Sociology series provides concise, authoritative reprints of key articles in sociology, collecting the essential secondary literature on key subjects. Edited by acknowledged leaders in the field, each set puts the development of fundamental concepts into their historical context, and provides students and researchers with a clear snapshot of current thinking. Collections span a multitude of subject areas, including religion, multiculturalism and celebrity. This September and October, Routledge Major Works are publishing two new titles as part of the Critical Concepts in Sociology series. The books are:

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  8. New! Author insight with Professor Masataka Katagiri

    Professor Masataka Katagiri, co-author of the Routledge Companion to Contemporary Japanese Social Theory, discusses individualism and Japanese Society

    View the YouTube video here.

  9. Confronting The Digital Elephant in the Room

    Consumer research is only just beginning to emerge on how digital consumption affects basic human and consumer behaviours.

    "In a few short decades digital consumption has colonized more and more of our lives from entertainment to communication to shopping to learning about the world," say Russell Belk and Rosa Llamas, editors of The Routledge Companion to Digital Consumption,  "issues of what digital consumption do to our notions of self, trust, friendship, and consumer activism have been less appreciated until recently, even though they likely have a more profound on our well being."

    Read more about the topics explored in The Routledge Companion to Digital Consumption in this fascinating interview with the editors.

  10. T&F eBooks YouTube video_screenshot

    Oscar nominations galore for the new Taylor & Francis (Routledge) eBooks video

    And the winner in the category of Best Short Film (Live Action) goes to ... eBooks for Libraries from Taylor & Francis (including all Routledge titles)! We are very proud of our new eBooks video (a bit too proud maybe). It gives you a great overview of what T&F eBooks are all about, how to trial them and how to purchase. Watch the vid here!

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