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  1. Advances in Rugby Coaching

    An Holistic Approach
    By Richard Light, John R. Evans, Stephen Harvey and Remy Hassanin

    Drawing on work with elite-level rugby coaches, this book encourages critically thinking about coaching practice, essential for developing better programmes in coach education. Click here to read more.

  2. Research Methods for Sport Management

    By James Skinner, Allan Edwards and Ben Corbett

    This is the first introductory research methods textbook to focus exclusively on sport management. Click here to read more.

  3. Rethinking Sports Sponsor Misidentifications

    T. Bettina Cornwell author of Sponsorship in Marketing: Effective Communication through Sports, Arts and Events has an interesting article published in September 2014 issue of Marketing News (from the American Marketing Association).

    The article entitled “Rethinking Sports Sponsor Misidentifications” explores the phenomena of brands gaining false recognition as the sponsors of major sporting events. Read more below.

  4. An Introduction to Performance Analysis of Sport

    By Peter O'Donoghue

    Introduces the basics of quantitative and qualitative performance analysis, this book reviews the different types of data and information that performance analysis can generate, and explains how to test for reliability. Click here to read more.

  5. The Social Organization of Sports Medicine


    The Social Organization of Sports Medicine
    Critical Socio-Cultural Perspectives

    By Dominic Malcolm and Parissa Safai

    The first book-length overview of the social scientific study of sports medicine is now available as a paperback. Click here to read more.

  6. Out this month - Philosophy of Sport

    This new four-volume Major Work collection from Routledge includes a new introduction by the editors and fully indexed, this ‘mini-library’ of the very best and most influential writings on the philosophy of sport is destined to be valued by researchers and students as an essential work of reference. Read more ....

    Why not recommend to your Librarian today!

    To view all the Major Work collection in the Critical Concepts of Sports Studies Series click here.

  7. What’s New in the Routledge Research in Sport Culture and Society Series?

  8. Brett Smith

    Showcasing titles by Brett Smith: conference chair of the QRSE conference

    Routledge are excited to be exhibiting at the Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise conference and will showcasing key Routledge titles by conference chair Brett Smith.
    Click here to find out more about the conference and click here to view all of Brett Smiths' titles


  9. Women’s Sport in Africa

    By Michelle Sikes and John Bale

    Originally published as a special issue of Sport in Society, this path-breaking collection of essays provides an introduction to women’s participation in African sports.

    Click here
    to read more.

  10. Sport Funding and Finance

    Second edition
    By Bob Stewart

    The complete introduction to the macro and micro-level aspects of sport finance, providing a step-by-step guide to the principles and practices of effective financial management, along with a complete set of professional tools for use in the sport industry.

    Click here to read more.


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