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Browse all of the latest news and updates from Routledge Military, Strategic & Security Studies. We regularly publish helpful information and news within the area of Military, Strategic & Security Studies to celebrate our publishing program and the individuals that make it possible.

Recent News Articles

  1. Featured Author: Colin Gray

    Colin Gray is Professor of International Politics and Strategic Studies at the University of Reading, UK. He is the author of 19 books, more than 300 articles, and several dozen reports for government. His work is oftentimes cited in the fields of arms control, maritime strategy, nuclear strategy, and strategic culture. Works include Strategy for Chaos: RMA Theory and the Evidence of History (2002); The Sheriff: America's Defense of the New World Order (2004). He is General Series Co-Editor of the Strategy and History Series for Routledge.

  2. Featured author: Johanna Söderström

    Take a look at some of Routledge author, Johanna Söderström's recent articles and upcoming title, Peacebuilding and Ex-Combatants: Political Reintegration in Liberia.

  3. Hot Topic: Warfare/War Studies

    This month the Routledge Military, Strategic and Security Studies marketing team have decided to put Warfare and War Studies in the spotlight. Always hot topics for discussion. We thought we'd share with you a selection of books we have available to aid your research requirements and teaching needs.

  4. Essential Guides for anyone studying International Relations…

    …now available FREE to view until 30th November 2014.

    "A great introduction to each chosen subject." – The Independent

  5. Routledge War and Conflict Studies Catalog now available

    The Routledge War and Conflict Studies Catalog is now available to view online. This catalog contains key textbooks, cutting edge research and supplementary reading, from new and established authors. From key research on vital topics, to textbooks for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, you will find whatever you need to further your own research, challenge your students, and provide essential reference materials for your institutional library.

  6. Student Reference from Routledge

    "A great introduction to each chosen subject." – The Independent

    Take a look at some of the great student reference products Routledge have to offer in Politics & International Relations and Military, Security & Strategic studies!

  7. PRIO New Security Studies

    Edited by J PETER BURGESS

    The aim of this book series is to gather state-of-the-art theoretical reflexion and empirical research into a core set of volumes that respond vigorously and dynamically to the new challenges to security scholarship.

  8. Routledge at APSA 2014!

    Attending APSA this year? So are we! Come and take a look at the Routledge stand for books & journals and We will be offering a 20% discount and free shipping to all attendees.

  9. Strategic Survey 2010 - New for August!

    An invaluable tool for interpreting worldwide strategic developments, the Strategic Survey is the annual review of world affairs from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (ISS). Fully updated and revised annually, this title is a must for government policy makers, journalists, business leaders and academics. The new edition features three specially commissioned essays for 2010:

    • US Nuclear Policy Transformed
    • US Defence Policy: Preparing for Change
    • Europe’s Evolving Security Architecture.

    The Strategic Survey 2010 is an excellent resource for library reference shelves. You can easily recommend this title to your Librarian.

    We are looking for people to provide reviews of this year's Strategic Survey. If you would like to offer a review, please contact Christopher Jacobs at and we will get in touch regarding a review copy.


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