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Routledge has an illustrious history in research and reference publishing. You can explore this area of the site to learn more about our featured research, reference, monographs, handbooks and major works in Tourism, Hospitality and Events. In addition, you can visit one of following areas for broad representation of our reference publishing program:

Recent Research & Reference Articles

  1. Check out the top five Routlegde Library Editions: Tourism books

    Introducing five bestselling titles from our Routledge Library Editions: Tourism collections.

    This is a diverse collection of titles that cover a wide range of subjects. To view the full range available click here


    What are Routledge Library Editions (RLEs)? - RLEs are collections of books from the Routledge past: facsimile copies of books published by all the imprints Routledge (and Taylor & Francis) have been associated with: Routledge & Kegan Paul, Kegan Paul Trench & Trübner, Allen & Unwin, Gordon & Breach, Falmer etc. Click on the link below to find out more

  2. Routledge Handbook of Hospitality Management pre pub offer

    Especially relevant at a time when many sectors of the industry have to re - evaluate and reinvent themselves in response to the economic downturn the Routledge Handbook of Hospitality Management brings together specialists from both industry and academia and from a range of geographical regions to provide state-of-the-art theoretical reflection and empirical research.

    There is still time to take advantage of the Pre-Pub Offer on Routledge Handbook of Hospitality Management. Now available at a discounted price of £125 (rrp £140) until June 2014

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  3. Wine and Identity: Branding, Heritage, Terroir

    Wine and Identity explores how winemakers are seeking to increase their sales and attract tourists in an increasingly competitive global market. Examining how they look to distinguish themselves from their competitors, by developing image and experience.

  4. New Tourism Hospitality & Events eBook Collection

    Introducing our NEW Tourism Hospitality & Events eBook Collection

    You will find texts covering the full breadth of these subject areas, by key authors such as Don Getz (Events Studies), Philip Sloan, Willy Legrand and Joseph Chen (Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry), John Tribe (Economics of Recreation, Leisure and Tourism), and Andrew Holden and David Fennell (Routledge Handbook of Tourism and the Environment).

    To find out more or to sign up for a free trial visit the eBook web page

  5. NEW Hospitality, Events and Tourism Reference and Research Online Catalog

    Our Hospitality, Events and Tourism Research and Reference online catalog has just gone live.

    The catalog features our new titles, as well as our bestselling backlist collections of relevant and popular works. You will find whatever you need to further your own research or professional interests, challenge and support your students, or to provide essential reference materials for your institutional library.

    Just click on the link to browse the catalog

  6. Routledge Library Editions: Tourism

    This set re-issues 5 volumes originally published between 1985 and 1994. They focus on:

    • the impact of environmental issues on tourism management
    • tourism demand and forecasting
    • the key methods of operation of companies within the industry
    • the functional areas of marketing, finance, organization and staffing
    • research and innovation
    • corporate strategy.

    Multi-disciplinary and international in its coverage (with particular emphasis on Europe) this collection will be of interest to students and libraries in the areas of geography, tourism, and marketing.
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    Previously 'Out of Print' Now Available as a Complete Set or as Individual Volumes!

  7. New Handbooks in Tourism, Hospitality and Events

    With hundreds of handbooks to choose from in our Tourism, Hospitality and Events list you will be hard pressed not to find something suitable for your area of study.
    We are proud to announce there are 5 new handbooks publishing this year. This collection continues to provide a wealth of important reference sources in one place, from a wide range of experts in the field. For more information on other Handbooks in this area click here.

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  8. Event Tourism and Cultural Tourism: Issue and Debates

    Event and cultural tourism as a social practice is a widespread phenomenon of global socio-economic importance. The purpose of the book is to bring together current thinking on contemporary issues relating to the management and marketing of cultural events and attractions.

  9. Featured Book: New Perspectives in Caribbean Tourism

    New in Paperback!

    This edited text explores tourism in the Caribbean in relation to postcolonial interactions, race, class, identity, and culture.

  10. Featured Book: The Business of Champagne

    This is the first book to offer an overview of how champagne created, managed, and marketed.

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