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Cities and Design, Book of the Month, September 2010

cities and design

Cities and Design by Paul Knox (Virginia Tech,) the latest addition to the Routledge Critical Introductions to
Urbanism and the City
series explores the complex relationships between design and urban environments.

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Tracing the intellectual roots of urban design, the book:

  • appraises the imprint and effectiveness of design professions in shaping urban environments
  • examines the role of design in the material culture of contemporary cities
  • explores the complex linkages among designers, producers and distributorsin contemporary cities.

Examples include:

  • fashion and graphic design in New York
  • architecture, fashion and publishing in London
  • furniture, industrial design, interior design and fashion in Milan
  • haute couture in Paris.

Global case studies make Cities and Design highly accessible and engaging
for students. Ideal for courses in Urban Studies and Urban Design, the text offers
a distinctive social science perspective on the economic and cultural context of
design in contemporary cities, presenting cities themselves as settings for design,
design services and the “affect” associated with design.

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