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Articles in the General Interest category

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Recent General Interest Articles

  1. Interested in the Space and Place Issues of Occupy Wall Street?

    Public spaces have long been the focus of urban social activity, but investigations of how public space works oftentimes adopt only one of several possible perspectives, which restricts the questions that can be asked and the answers that can be considered.

    In Common Ground? Anthony Orum and Zachary Neal explore how public space can be a facilitator of civil order, a site for power and resistance, and a stage for art, theater, and performance.

  2. Gregory Squires Wins the Lynd Lifetime Achievement Award

    Congratualtions to Gregory Squires for receiving the 2011 Robert and Helen Lynd Lifetime Achievement Award! This award is sponsored by the Community and Urban Sociology section of the American Sociological Association.

  3. View the 2011 Urban Studies Catalog Online!

    The 2011 Urban Studies catalog is now available online! Click here to browse our new titles and key backlist - click on any url to be taken directly to the product page on the Routledge website!

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